Defeating Selfishness (nearly Finished)

The foundation of Sin in the Kingdom of darkness is SELFISHNESS. Thats the foundation for ALL sin!! You cant have the sin existing without the root of selfishness. Selfishness has to be in existance in order for sin to be manifested. So instead of us working on our swearing, and fornicateing, and ur doing that wrong n this wrong, and instead of working on all those individual sins, Lets just work on the root that produces all that stuff. Lets go ahead and work on the foundation. If u can deal with selfishness u can deal with all that other stuff. If u can deal with selfishness u can deal with ALL the things that u struggle with everyday of ur life, because its all based in selfishness. And it can be dealt with! So likewise for all of ur rights in the kingdom of God is based in Agape Love. All of the things that the Bible says u have a right too in the Kingdom of God its based in the Agape Love of God. SO there aint no need tryin to get hold of what the Bible promises u, and u have a foundation of selfishness. But when u establish a foundation of agape Love, then all that God has promised u can spring up out of a foundation oflove. But we try and get the promises to happen from a route of selfishness. "God says i can have it. So give me it Now!!" lol So hence we are dealing with what i feel are the two major issues in life. Selfishness and Love. And the way u get out of selfishneess is by walking in love. And i like when i first realised this i was like "aint everybody like that?"

So lets go to the origin of selfishness. Now christianity teaches That Satan was an archangel that transformed into Satan. Well i have come to believe that this isnt true. I believe that God created satan as his adversary. Im going to copy evidence from one of L Ray Smiths studies as he explains it better than i can.

According to Christendom, Satan created himself. He was supposedly a perfect archangel and then CHANGED HIMSELF INTO A DEVIL. Is this Scripturally true? Who created Satan?

You are of your FATHER the DEVIL [the GREAT DRAGON, OLD SERPENT, the DEVIL, and SATAN {Hebrew for Adversary -- I Pet. 5:8} Rev. 12:9], and the lusts of your father ye will do... He was a murderer FROM THE BEGINNING, and abode not in the truth [from the beginning], because there is no truth in him [from the beginning]. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar [from the beginning], and the father [the beginner] of it" (John 8:44).

"Now the SERPENT was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD GOD had MADE..." (Gen. 3:1) God "made" this serpent which TALKED with Eve as an articulate, intelligent, creature. Satan did not possess this serpent of the field, Satan was this serpent! Satan doesn’t possess snakes! Satan himself was CREATED A SERPENT. Even Paul acknowledges that it was "the SERPENT" that deluded Eve, and not some other creature possessing a snake (II Cor. 11:3).

"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between THY SEED and her seed, it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel" (Gen. 3:15).

This serpent that shall bruise the heel of Eve’s seed (singular seed -- Christ) is clearly Satan the Devil who also has seed, "thy seed." Jesus said, "You are of your father the Devil...?" (John 8:44). Satan the Devil has "seed"; he is a "father": a father has children and followers of like nature. No literal snake ever produced a seed that bruised the heel of Jesus. Snakes do not "eat dust" but Satan dines on mankind "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour [Greek: (lit. or fig.) gulp entirely, swallow up] I Pet. 5:8). And he seeks to devour mankind who are "dust" of the earth ("...for dust thou art...." Gen. 3:19).

"By HIS SPIRIT He hath garnished the heavens; his HAND has FORMED THE CROOKED SERPENT" (Job 26:13). God garnished the heavens by His SPIRIT, because they are a thing of great glory, beauty, and splendor. But the crooked SERPENT God formed by His "hand" -- at ARMS LENGTH. Thus indicating it was something necessary, but not of His HEART AND SPIRIT! Satan is called "the crooked serpent." This word crooked comes from a Hebrew word that is not translated "crooked" anywhere else in the Bible. The word in Hebrew is bariach, and it means "a fugitive," Strong’s #1281. And "fugitive" is from the Hebrew word nuwa, Strong’s #5128, among its several meanings are: "to [go] up and down," and "to and fro," and to "sift." Remember that God names things according to what they are and what they do:

(A) "And the LORD [is this a high enough authority for everyone?] Said unto SATAN [not a heretofore archangel], Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, ‘From going TO AND FRO in the earth, and from walking UP AND DOWN in it" (Job. 1:7 and 2:2). It is the "crooked [fugitive] SERPENT" SATAN who goes "TO AND FRO" and "UP AND DOWN" in the earth! God created Satan for this purpose.

(B) "And the LORD said [is this a high enough authority for everyone?], Simon, Simon, behold, SATAN [not a heretofore archangel] hath desired to have you, that he may SIFT you as wheat" (Luke 22:31). It is the "crooked [fugitive] SERPENT" SATAN who "SIFTS" men like wheat! God created Satan for this purpose.

"Behold, I have created the smith [that’s me] that blows the coals in the fire, and that brings forth an instrument for His work, and I have CREATED THE WASTER TO DESTROY" (Isaiah 54:16).

["waster" -- Hebrew: shachath, decay, ruin, batter, cast off, corrupt, destroy, lose, mar, perish, spill spoil -- UTTERLY WASTE, #7843, p. 115, Strong’s Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary].

God created the "WASTER," not the archangel who later supposedly became Satan, but from the BEGINNING God said He created "The WASTER" and He created him "TO DESTROY" Now then, WHO’S role is it to "destroy" the flesh of man so that the spirit may be saved?

"In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when you are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, To deliver such an one UNTO SATAN for DESTRUCTION of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus" (I Cor. 5:4-5). #

It is SATAN who was created from his very beginning to be "the WASTER to DESTROY" men’s flesh (carnal mindedness) so that they learn not to blaspheme (I Tim. 1:20). Satan started with Adam and Eve and he isn’t finished YET!

"And no marvel [Gk: to wonder with ASTONISHMENT]; for Satan himself is transformed [Gk: meta schematizo, transfigure -- to change the outward form or appearance, to make GLORIOUS] into an ANGEL OF LIGHT" (II Cor. 11:14).

I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded you, though you have not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there none beside Me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, AND CREATE EVIL: I the LORD do ALL [even the creation of evil and even the creation of Satan] THESE THINGS" (Isaiah 45:5-7).

Satan is evil, God created evil, God CREATED SATAN!
"He that commits sin is of the DEVIL [Gk: Adversary, Satan] for the Devil SINS FROM THE BEGINNING. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the WORKS of the Devil" (I John 3:8). So was it AFTER a supposed "Lucifer archangel" metamorphosed into Satan that he sinned, or did Satan the Adversary sin "from the BEGINNING?

Can the high priests of Christendom ever get anything Scripturally correct? They cite Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 as proof that Satan was once a perfect and glorious archangel.

They claim that a PERFECT AND GLORIOUS LIGHT-BRINGING ARCHANGEL CHANGED HIMSELF INTO SATAN THE DEVIL, whereas we just read in the divine, inspired, infallible Word of God that contrariwise, it is SATAN THE DEVIL WHO HAS TRANSFORMED HIMSELF INTO A PERFECT AND GLORIOUS ANGEL OF LIGHT! The Scriptures teach the diametric opposite from what Christendom is teaching. But it is mandatory that they teach this lie, because it is mandatory that they deny every Scripture that says GOD CREATED EVIL or EVIL CREATURES! It doesn’t fit their theology. They must find a way that allows God to torture billions of people in fire without being evil Himself or even responsible for doing so. The origin of sin and evil must be placed on the creature rather than the Creator. This way the creature is responsible for everything and the Creator is responsible for nothing!

So as u can see God created Satan as his adversary. So if we were created in the image of God we needed to know the difference of Good and evil. So if God is Love he had to create an adversary Selfishness (Satan). This subject opens up a load of different subjects but im going to stick to selfishness for now.

ACCORDING TO CHRISTENDOM: The human race and angelic messengers are the perfect creation of an all-wise, all-powerful, all-knowing, undeceivable, untrickable, unfoolable, intelligent, and loving GOD. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad: God’s first and most perfect specimen created out of the combined intelligence, power and wisdom of a perfect God, was a great spirit archangel they call, Lucifer. (Incidentally and Scripturally, "Lucifer" was never a proper noun or name for anyone)!The Christian teaching is that before God ever created the first man, this perfect archangel whom Christians call Lucifer, went bad! He was perfect but he turned bad! He turned into a bad angel (excuse me, archangel). Did God create him to turn bad? No. Did God know that he would turn bad? No. Did God wish that he hadn’t turned bad? Yes. But was there anything God could do about it? No. Why did God’s first and greatest creation to that time, malfunction? How can a PERFECT creation by a PERFECT Creator ... malfunction? "Houston ... WE HAVE A PROBLEM"! God doesn’t have a problem; Christendom has a problem. And it is the BIGGEST single problem in all Christendom! It is huge. It is this very Satanic LIE that has given birth to the most evil doctrines on the face of the earth in the history of the world! According to this Christian theory [hypothesis], the very first thing that The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Creator God made, not only malfunctioned, but turned into a DAMNABLE, DIABOLICAL DEVIL! This devil has ever since, relentlessly wreaked havoc on every facet of God’s creation which will consummate with a lake of fire that will continue to insanely torture most of the human race for all eternity! Salvation is pictured as God’s nearly vain attempt to salvage but a few from the grasp of this colossal cosmic experiment gone amok! God’s Spiritual Frankenstein Monster has turned on Him and His children. And it has already been predetermined that Satan will be the final Victor when all the marbles are counted. Not a pretty picture. This is the god that the world of paganism is supposed to put their eternal confidence in! A god who cannot or will not protect his own children from this cosmic wolf in sheep's clothing. (Small "g" intended). And you think I am too hard on the doctrines of Christendom? You have no idea. Hence it is Satan that is supposedly responsible for introducing evil into the world. Satan supposedly chose to disobey God and therefore we also must choose, on our own, by our own power, as to whether we will follow and obey Satan; or follow and obey God. This is the Christian position on this matter of good and evil.

ACCORDING TO GOD AND THE SCRIPTURES: Don’t get me wrong, Christendom did not originate this theological problem (Satan did); they merely continue to parrot the original author. Satan LIES! Yes he does. He is a LIAR, and the FATHER of lies and he has ALWAYS been that way since his CREATION (John 8:44). Satan was NOT "Lucifer" (a supposed perfect archangel) from the beginning; Satan was "Satan" from the beginning. Satan is an EVIL creature. He has been an evil creature from his very creation. Satan is not the result of a Godly experiment gone wrong! Satan is functioning PERFECTLY as God’s adversary
So Satan was created for the sole purpose to be Gods adversary and reek havoc through-out humanity. So Satan is trying to get u to focus in on urself. Decieve u, that is his very Job which he was created to do. And when u become the focus that is the foundation for sin. And i wanna ask a question before i move on. ARE U THE FOCUS??? because if selfishness, stands out front then SIN WILL come out of that. So pride, its an exaggerated estimate of ones self its us doing our own thing. You only think about what u want and not the purpose of God and why he created u!! DO u know God didnt make u for urself but for somebody else?? Amen. And God made Satan not for himself but for the whole of humanity so then we can see the Good and Evil. And we can have God like thinking. But when u we turn the focus back on us we have the foundation necesarry to produce iniquity and sin!! With this understanding Satan has a VERY hard time messing with me.

I had a real Agape Love test not that long ago. Have u had any lately?? Did u pass?? I went to the cinema not long ago with the famous Bath Girl :P, and we were sat on a row on our own n there was a guy sat behind me on a row to himself. There wasnt many people there. And i got my phone out during the film to check the time because i was expecting a phone call. The second time i got my phone out, he reached over n hit me on the shoulder BAM BAM. It hurt too he got me right on the bone. And i turned around "WHAT!!!!!!" and then the Lord said to me dnt say nothing else. If u say ANY other word regardless of what it is u will step out of Love. Because now i saw that battle between selfishness and agape. And i tell u what, i didnt say nothing but i sure was thinking a whole lotta things.Because that what Satan does he tries to attack ur thinking. And i was thinking like how come he can slide right down, who asked him to sit right behind me. There a whole bunch of empty seats. And i know this little light wernt bothering him. And i was like im gonna get the phone n turn it on again see if he will hit me again!! And if he do im gonna do a back summersalt right in his face!! Im gonna knock the living **** outta him. U dnt touch a man when he at a movie with a girl. And im goin through all kinds of stuff im like this boy need to be wooped!! And im like ooooo man i missed a whole like 45 minutes of the film. I dunno wat was goin on in the film. I mean the Satan had my mind, and i was goin from selfishness to agape. i got stuck on selfishness right there. I was letting the legs grow out of selfishness. I was like this boy need to be wooped. U dnt touch me like that. u dnt touch somebody. U say Beg ur pardon u dnt lay ur hands on somebody. Whats the matter with him!! And im goin through this thing 45 minutes. Then the Lord said to me Its alot harder goin through it than me teaching u it!! And i was like boy i dnt wanna hear that. Im thinking about all kinds a ways. I need to get back with this dude. SO i said im gonna wait on him after the film. Just to politely tell him, u dnt touch folks man!! DO u understand that?? u dnt put ur hands on people. I could have been crazy man! n u putting ur hands on me. N God said dnt do that ur gettin heated just thinking about it!! And he was like why dnt u jus go ahead n sow the DO GOOD SEED. Jus sow the do good seed. I said what. He said jus sow the do good seed. Uve past this test, but u keep tempting ur own self!! Its over END IT. Its done the seed is in the ground. And He says ill take care of this. U will get a harvest from this one day. Sow the do good seed of Love n go on n pat urself on the back and say thats me again passed still another Agape test of Love. So u can see how Satan was attacking my mind. And only because i was God concious that i was able to pass the test. So ur gonna have alot of agape tests, but praise God lets PASS them.

So for Satan to be succesful he has got to get u to have a new thought. Another thought that contradicts what God says. If he can get u to think that new thought. And then get ur emotions involved and intice u with tht new thought, then with that pressure on the thought and the pressure on the emotions, he can move u into doing something else other rthan what commanded us to do. With every act that is all Satan doing with us, get u to hear something that will give u another thought. or get u to hear something, and get u to think something in opposition to the word of God. And then if ur thinking is in opposition, then ur emotions will be op-en to moving in that direction of where u think. Thats how it works. So all Satan has to do is get u to turn around and focus on urself and if he can get u to do that then u will SIN! Because ur not gonna violate a commandment of God unless selfishness is there. We got the Holy Ghost, God Jesus on our side running for our life. And we still focus on urself. U should have just stayed a sinner!! Selfishness is always interested in covering itself. Please understand when selfishness is there, Fear comes out of selfishness and when fear comes out of selfishness then anger is an expression of ur fear!! SO then when u get mad at something. Dnt ask urself why ur mad! Ask urself why u are afraid! Because ur usually afraid because ur tryin to cover urself to PRESERVE URSELF!! So lets say if ur wife takes ur credit card and she gone out shopping and she been gone 4 hours u are now angry not because she been gone for 4 hours but u are mad because u dnt no how much money she has spent. SO u fear what she has spent, and u dnt no if u can cover what she has spent. And so its gonna come back on u!! So anger is an expression of selfishness. And selfishness will release fear! Are u following me??

Gen 3:9 And Jehovah God calleth unto the man, and saith to him, `Where art thou?'
Gen 3:10 and he saith, `Thy sound I have heard in the garden, and I am afraid, for I am naked, and I hide myself.'

So God is like where my body at?? Dude this is like our time. Where are u?? (God new exactly where adam was) And adam says he was afraid and he was naked. So he feared and hid himself.

Gen 3:11 And He saith, `Who hath declared to thee that thou art naked? of the tree of which I have commanded thee not to eat, hast thou eaten?'

Now this is what i heard a pastor call the Genesis question. Who told u u were naked?? U been talkin to somebody!! WHO U BEEN TALKING TO!!! Because who u talk to will shape ur thinking. Who u been talkingt to?? And the Genesis question is still being asked today. "Who u been talking to??" Some of us say oh im gonna be broke jus like my daddy and the question still the same there. Who u been talking to?? Who got u thinking u were gonna be broke like ur dad?? Im gonna die of this sickness and disease. Who u been talking to?? Who told u this disease was gonna kill u?? Oh ill never live in a house ill be stuck in a doorway all my life (thats my one lol) Who told u that?? who u been talking to?? Let me tell u something, we keep talking to the wrong people and allowing them to give us the wrong thoughts and to shape our mind in the wrong way. WHO HAVE U BEEN TALKING TO?? that tells u gonna be broke all ur life that ur marriage is gonna fail, that u aint neva gona have a house. Who u been talking to?? U been talking to somebody thats been talking to Satan. Or u been letting Satan put thoughts in ur mind!! I didnt tell u that!! I told u ur healed, i told u ur prosperous, i told u ur more than a conquerer, WHO HAVE U BEEN TALKING TO???? Because who u talk to will get ur emotions to line up n u will move in a direction. And thats what he does. And this is exactly whats happening everyday!! EVERYDAY were gonna have to make this decision.

If we can get a hold of the way of Agape and start living that way, u step out of selfishness u destroy the foundation by which he can operate and he can no longer bring sin in ur life. Because the foundation is not there to produce it. And he can keep u poor and he can keep u sick and keep u broke and keep u in unforgiveness and bitterness. And destroy bones and cause u to have cancer and keep u stressed out!! Ur only stressed out when ur selfish!! But when u find out its not about u anyway, u say God i cast my cares on u for u CARE FOR ME. Wooooooooooooo Im gonna get this!!! Im sat here greating with Joy. Praise the Lord. I am gonna walk in this!! This is like YES Amen. Gotcha Satan. Figured it out!! Ive been on this Journey all this time! And ive finally found that this is it. This is where im camping this is where im staying!! Aint no need to learn anything else until i get this right!! And when i get this right!! Everything will be right when Agape is right!! Amen!!

I dnt no if u find, but i find it so refreshing to atleast know whats goin on. Whats happenin! instead of goin around sayin i dnt know why i did that! I dnt know why i responded like that. i dnt know why i feel like this. I dnt know why i let this happen. Im tellin u why!! And Satan outside screaming "NO NO SHUT HIM UP< SHUT HIM UP! NO KILL HIM KILL HIM!! He cant touch me right now cause i got God on this side. I aint afraid, My life doesnt mean anything to me!! I have given up this life so i can get the Higher LIFE!! And theres no fear when u dnt try to protect ur life!!

So when the Holy Spirit poured Agape in me He escorted me away from myself!! And as i conquer myself, at the same time i conquer life! Yes yes yes yes yes yes AMEN!!!! Thank u Jesus. I wish this would get talked about at church. I have only been to one service on selfishness n they didnt even cover a tenth of what i have. And its a shame. But if ur tired of living life n being defeated and u aint got money to pay psychaetrists, Pffft psychaetrists. Then there is a way. Out of all the mess thats been created in ur life!!

I have alittle bit more to type up yet but At the moment im in the Spirit so im jus gonna sit here n drench myself innit. Yeah man. Thank u Jesus


Defeating Selfishness (continued)

Right so we have been talking about the 2 greatest forces in life LOVE v. SELFISHNESS. I wanna go through a few scriptures re emphasise a few points i have already touched on. Before Satan can be succesful in ur life, he's got to get u to focus in on ur self. U see if u can conquer urself u can conquer ur life. But unitll u conquer that selfish part of urself u will never reign as conquerers in life.

It says in Matthew 22:34-40
Mat 22:34 and the Pharisees, having heard that he did silence the Sadducees, were gathered together unto him;
Mat 22:35 and one of them, a lawyer, did question, tempting him, and saying,
Mat 22:36 `Teacher, which is the great command in the Law?'
Mat 22:37 And Jesus said to him, `Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thine understanding--
Mat 22:38 this is a first and great command;
Mat 22:39 and the second is like to it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself;
Mat 22:40 on these--the two commands--all the law and the prophets do hang.'

One of the things we have to recognise is God is giving us a commandment to walk in Love and not a suggestion to walk in love. This is not a suggestion its a commandment like Thou shalt not kill or thou shalt not commit adultery. This is a commandment to walk in the Agape Love of God. Now thats the first thing the second i want to recognise is that EVERYTHING else hangs on this Law of Love. Like we refer to the 10 commandments as the Law of moses, we refer to this Love as the Law of Jesus. And everything in the kingdom of hangs on this Law. It is the fulfillment for everything. That if u walk in the Love of God, towards God and one another it will be good enough to meet the requirements of everything else. But we have to understand that ur faith wont work if ur loves not workin right ur prayer wont work if ur loves not workin right, ur deliverance wont work unless ur loves not workin right. Ur prosperity wont work, nothing works untill the loves workin right. See in my first year of being a christian. I really struggled with my Faith and everything else all that has been mentioned. And it all came down to my Love not being right. Once i had started to correct myself it started to work. So it seemed to me that i needed to focus in on getting my Love workin rite. I needed to get my Love life together.

Now we talked about the two greatest forces in life Love v. Selfishness. When u talk about love, u have to define what Agape Love is, because thats what he is talkin about in the Bible. There is an Agape God kinda love n then there is a human emotional type of love. When the Bible is talkin about Love it is referring to that Agape type of Love. What is Agape type of Love?? Agape Love is the Love that comes from God. It is unconditional Love, it is un-qualifying Love, it is limitless Love, its Love thats not based on what u think, its Love thats not based on ur emotions, its Love thats not based on ur feelings, Agape Love is one sided, meaning it dnt need anythin from the other-side in order for it to accomplish what its supposed to accomplish. Agape Love, dnt need to be loved or treated right in order to Love, Agape Love loves regardless of how its being treated, Agape Love puts up with anything, Agape Love is the Love of God that will Love regardless! and thats the kinda Love Gods talkin about. (Tall order eh!!!)

Thats the kinda love that was poured in our heart in Romans 5:5
Rom 5:5 and the hope doth not make ashamed, because the love of God hath been poured forth in our hearts through the Holy Spirit that hath been given to us.

When the Holy Ghost turned up it put the Love of God in our heart. So we have the potential on the inside of us, to Love as He has commanded us too Love. Because of the Agape Love thats been poured in our hearts, we have the potential to love our enemies.

On the other hand u have this other type of Love, this is the love we most often see in our world today. It is this human emotional type of Love. Human emotional type of Love is basically selfish! Human emotional type of love is not really concerned about anybody but itself. And when its being pleased, then it can love. human emotional love only loves what is lovely, human emotional love is conditional, it has limits, u do have to qualify, it has to be loved and treated right in order to love. So human emotional love is always based on how its being treated. its based on whats coming its way. human emotional love is concerned about self!! Human emotional Love will not be able to love u if u aint treating u right. SO basically thats the kind of Love that always end up in divorce, family seperates, friendships end etc. And Agape Love is the type of Love that will never end up with divorce etc. Now human emotional love is based in selfishness while agape love is based of course in the Love of God.

Lets give again the definition for selfishness just so we can see. Selfishness is seeking ones own advantage, ones own pleasure, and ones own well-being with out regards for others. Thats what selfishness is, its "What about me!". verses the Agape love of God will be in seeking the advantage pleasure and well being of another person with-out regards of self. Like for example, A mother not even regarding how tired she is, what she goes through, ya de ya de ya de........ But she is more interested in her kids. She will feed them and not have anything to eat. Thats real Agape Love of God.

Now i wanna show some scripture applying to these two areas Love n Selfishness so we can look at how we deal with one-another

Joh 13:34 `A new commandment I give to you, that ye love one another; according as I did love you, that ye also love one another;
Joh 13:35 in this shall all know that ye are my disciples, if ye may have love one to another.'

SO our identity is the Love of God, we identify with the Love of God then we are real Christians and deciples because were walking in that Love.

Mat 25:43 a stranger I was, and ye did not receive me; naked, and ye put not around me; infirm, and in prison, and ye did not look after me.

Well obviously this person was in selfishness, because he wasnt really regarding the fact that he didnt have anythin to wear and he was sick and in prison. Selfishness will give u this type of attitude. This is what selfishness will produce.

1Jn 3:17 and whoever may have the goods of the world, and may view his brother having need, and may shut up his bowels from him--how doth the love of God remain in him?

Now notice he is concerned about us. If God has been good to u, and u see ur brother naked, u see him not having anything to eat, u see them without a roof over their head. And he says u shut up ur bowels of compassion for him. He says how can u say u have the Love of God inside of u!. The amplified says:

1Jn 3:17 But if anyone has this world's goods (resources for sustaining life) and sees his brother and fellow believer in need, yet closes his heart of compassion against him, how can the love of God live and remain in him?

You no Gods not requiring us to upgrade ur luxury items. Thats not what he is saying. I think in this world we dnt understand what real needs are. Real needs are not having the things necessery to sustain ur life. And when we see people that dont have the things necessary to sustain life and Gods been Good to US!!! He says how can we even say we have the Love of God in us and we shut up our bowels of compassion. I had to deal with this and i see it in the church. I saw alot of folks passing by folks who are in that very situation. Some-one said they got to be saved. NOT necessarily, i saw somebody who got put out of their house, where they had kids on the side of the road. And my friend who i was with couldnt jus pass by that and God being good to him. SO we pulled over n he talked to the guy n talked to their family n found out what it would take to put em up in a hotel and what was goin on with their stuff n so-on. N he wasnt saved, then my friend gave him the money for the hotel n for food. I was like Wow!!! now thats real LOVE!! And he said to the guy. This is Jesus money that im giving. So then he would know its from God. U know God will let u know what corner u need to stop at, he will let u know who u need to minister too. But u need to be atleast be sensitive to that. And not just ride by in YOUR car going to YOUR house getting ready to eat YOUR food! How can u say the Love of God is in u! And as church folks we do alot of that!!! Haha u didnt feel that in the city of ur soul did ya!!! =P
If the world is too find any compassion anywhere they ought to find it in the CHURCH!!

1Co 10:24 let no one seek his own--but each another's.

the amplified says:

1Co 10:24 Let no one then seek his own good and advantage and profit, but [rather] each one of the other [let him seek the welfare of his neighbor].

WHy are we continuing too see this in the scripture?? Well he says take the attention off urself and put it on somebody else. Why does this keep coming up? Obviously God who's the most purposeful being around. Has a purpose of trying to get ur attention off u and get ur attention on somebody else. What is he after?? You know Gods Agape, U know God is Love. So its not gonna be something that is outside of Love. i cant remember where the scripture is but its says Dnt be afraid to walk in Love. Because God asks this question. When ur walking in Love who can harm u!!!. And He says if ur gonna live long n have a good life then ur tongue isnt speakin rubbish. If ur 100 and u dnt have azny sickness in ur body and u dnt have any things goin on. He said because u got a well tongue. We gotta watch how we use our tongue. Coz if ur tongue is sick then life gonna be sick.

Php 2:4 each not to your own look ye, but each also to the things of others.

the amplified says

Php 2:4 Let each of you esteem and look upon and be concerned for not [merely] his own interests, but also each for the interests of others.

SO he doesnt have a problem with us taking care of some of our own interests, as long as u realise that there are other people who have interests aswell. but also in addition to our interests, look out for the interests of others. This is what God is telling us to do!! ANd he got a reason for it. He got a purpose for it. He got a reason and purpose for us walking free and walking away and being delivered from selfishness that we were all born into. Ive come to realise that we were BORN into selfishness.

RIght im gonna post this Now there still more to come but need to do a bit of studying i hit a little blank spot. well not Blank but need some understanding :P


Defeating my Selfishness Part 2

Lets get the difinition of Selfishness or self-centred. To be devoted to self, adoring urself, Eve was created so Adam wouldnt be selfish. Eve had to be created so Adam would get away from self. And Adam would have never had the oppertunity too be like God if he was self-centred. Selfishness or to be selfish is devotion in ones own interest with carelessness with others. " i am devoted my interests i dont care about ur interests!!" Its a caring of or chiefly for self. Or self love or for only private advantage. Can u see ur self in this?? I still do these today at times. But im alot more aware of it.

Ok so as im writing this now im being led by the HS on where to go next. So im goin too Romans 12 verse 9

Rom 12:9 Let love26 be without dissimulation.505 Abhor655 that which is evil;4190 cleave2853 to that which is good.18
Rom 12:10 Be kindly affectioned5387 one to another240, 1519 with brotherly love;5360 in honor5092 preferring4285 one another;240

Rom 12:9 [Let your] love be sincere (a real thing); hate what is evil [loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness], but hold fast to that which is good.
Rom 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection [as members of one family], giving precedence and showing honor to one another. (Amplified)

Right so that word dissimulation--
It says in the amplified to let ur love be Sincere/ Let ur love BE the REAL thing. When something is dissimulated it means its fake. Let ur love be without hipocrasy Let ur love be the real thing. If your Loves not the real thing then its gonna be something fake. Thats what the church and our society has perfected. It has perfected fonyness. We are more religious people than we are christian people who have a relationship with Jesus because we know what its like to be fonie. We learn how to be fonie on the outside for what people see. So were not being true to ourself. We are not showing whats inside us. We Dnt express Love with this outer fonieness. We are good at making things seem what they really are not!! We've been developing in selfishness since the day we were born!! As Children we were selfish. We are selfish by nature. We are all told as children "Dont be selfish" And then as we get older our own ambitions, career, decisions even if it means u goota hurt somebody to get where ur goin. that kinda selfishness still exists.
So now too make it worse we go to church because thats the Goody Goody thing too do. But we still dnt get too the REAL issues of our lives. Well thats how it was for me and what i have seen. So we cover it up with spirituality. and we learn all of the right spiritual movements in church and the right halelujah's and Amens. And we do all the things that make us look like something WE ARE NOT!!! When u see it at church u know it fonie. Because whats real about u happens all the time. Whats fonie about u will only happen once or twice a week. Its the difference between being Glossy and having Character. Like for example. Charm is only for the moment u can switch it on and off whenever u like. But character is what u are all the time. So jus coz u got a high gloss on ya dnt mean its like that all the time. So we all do that we come too church we hug folks at church but we dnt ever hug them away from church.

This is why i try to be like i am. I despise hypocrisy. Id rather just be like who i am. Like u get preachers who put there preaching voice on, because they think it impresses u. And they use those weird fancy words that nobody understands but them. The way i see it if ur not like it at home dont do it anywhere else. So whatever u do is whatever ur gonna be developed in. and the problem with hypocrisy is u may have the oppertunity where u mess up where u got 5 hats n 5 faces n what if u put on the wrong one at the wrong time. Because its gonna happen. It happened to me!! U know ur driving with somebody n someone pulls out in front of u. Then they say they slipped up. "U ***** bla bla bla" lol "excuse me i slipped up" No u didnt slip up that was there all the time. We jus finally got to the real u. We been so busy demonstrating this other u, because u feared that we wouldnt like the real u. (this was a big thing of mine. Tryin to be someone else.) so u have to find a cosmetic look, that would make u loo good in front of every body. But when the pressure came on, what is not developed CAME OUT!! I would prefer someone to just come up to me and say "i hate ur guts" cos at least i know where it started at. Rather than someone coming n saying "Oh i love u dan ur a real blessing etc" and then go home and be complete opposite!! Hypocrisy!! See this is all based in selfishness.

So we could really read this scripture like this
Rom 12:9 Let love26 be without dissimulation.
Let Love be without SELFISHNESS , Coz all of that is based in selfishness!!! Let LOVE BE WITHOUT SELFISHNESS!! because selfishness always breeds hypocrisy. Selfishness always seeks to destroy LOVE!!! It is a robber. It makes men fonie. It breaks up friendships. Selfishness wrecks Homes and families. It RUINS CHURCHES!!! It DESTROYS LOVE. And yet Love is the only force that can destroy selfishness. The only force on the planet. No amount of will power can destroy it. Love is the only force that can destroy wat we have been devolping in since we were born. Because thats Satans avenue into our life. Selfishness. We point fingers at everybody because it easier to point fingers than to point fingers at urself. We are always saying and pointing that needs to change he/she needs to change etc. But u know what the biggest change u can make is?? Its YOURSELF.
I have a little prayer for this which i have on my lighter it goes.

God grant me the serenity to aceept the things i cannot change. (the world)
Courage to change the things i can (Ourselves)
And the Wisdom too know the difference!!

I l,earnt i had too be careful when i was learning this subject. Because i started to try and play the Holy Ghost and start condemning people. Like in relationships etc. Like when their doing something u say " Wait a minute thats selfishness now. Ur being selfish!!" But then the HS taught me that theres a difference between identifying and helping somebody get delivered outta selfishness verses using selfishness to promote ur own selfishness.

Ill give u an illustration. Right so a wife says "i wanna go shopping" and the husband says "i dnt wanna go shopping today" then she says in order to get u to go shopping. "Thats selfish, remember what the pastor said" the only reason they are saying that is to fulfill there own selfishness. And now she is provoking him. " wateva dear, yea wateva im selfish and now the devil coming. Yeah im selfish and i still aint going!!! I dnt care wat u say getting mad at me trying to play the Holy Ghost. Provoking me. Because ur not misuseing something." We shouldnt do that. Can u see why??
Wouldnt it be better saying like as a friend. " dnt u think thats a little bit selfish" and ur only saying it not for ur own motive or not for ur own benefit. But for the benefit of the person growing in it. I had too be so cautious that i dnt try to become the Holy Ghost and convict my friends and people with this message. The Holy Ghost does a Fantastic Job without us trying to play it.

Now where are we lol. I can get so lost getting into all of this. Hope its not boring u. But u probably will have hit the red cross by now if it was. Soo..... Were now talking about the only solution. Lets now talk about How too get out of it. How do u get out of this selfishness?? What are the things u do?? Im gonna give u two paths u can take (which i took both lol) to get free from selfishness.

Number 1) Creating God conciousness. Instead of maintaining self conciousness. Now this is a big key because, In the very beginning God created Adam. And Adam had God conciousness. And when Satan showed up and said let me see if i can get their attention off God and onto self. And we he got there attention off God and onto self. They were no longer God concious but now Self concious. So that now tells me something. So that now explains to me whyit is so VITAL and so important for me to read my bible listen to tapes. Do bible studies. Pray spend time with God. Practice the presence of God. Come to church. Fellowship with people who believe what i believe. What?? what is God trying to do?? He is trying to keep our attention off US and on HIM! "But ye know i dnt feel like reading my Bible", Why?? because the reading of that Bible takes u away from urself to God. "Im tired of praying i can Pray for no hour" why?? Because Satan is trying to maintain whats giving him victory, Selfishness. So when you begin to pray like that it takes u away from u to God conciousness. We have developed Self Conciousness all our lives. We spend 8,9-12 hours a day on our selves. And God is sayin, Man i gotta get u away from urself. Or that snake gonna creep in the Garden again. READ the BIBLE, SING SONGS worship God. PRAISE and THANK GOD for everything. PRAY. Get ur attention off urself n onto God. PRACTICE the presence of GOD!! So when we have our attention on our selves. We hiding from the presence of God like Adam n Eve did when they were realised they were naked. They hid them selves from the Presence of God. We gotta stop hiding our selves from His presence. God wantrs us to find his presence and dwell there. And God consiousness will keep u away from self conciousness. (which is hard to do!! But we have to practice it) This isnt something that u cant do right now n start practicing. Developing a conciousness for God.

Number 2) Perfected LOVE. In 1 john 4:18
1Jn 4:18 fear is not in the love, but the perfect love doth cast out the fear, because the fear hath punishment, and he who is fearing hath not been made perfect in the love;
Ok we know that fear is born out of what?? selfishness. So if perfected Love cast out all fear then how do u know that selfishness has gotta go to. SO heres a key here perfecting ur Love walk will cast out selfishness and fear. Well how do i perfect Love?? and in perfecting love i know ive got to perfect temperance and all the other components that make Love. How do i do that?? By practicing Loveing!!!!! The old saying " Practice makes Perfect" is perfect. Practice all those components of Love. Where do u start?? Practice Loveing at home/work/children/friends etc. PRACTICE!!! and practice consistently. Not when u feel like it!! Like in relationship. Things are bound to happen to ya. And these are oppertunities for Development. Thats why God does everything through relationship. Because he uses relationship for DEVELOPMENT!! Thats why u cant ever develop to a point goin Home not wanting too see anybody. U think thats the solution. When infact ur gonna be more self concious than u were before. Infact it was selfishness that got u to stay away from everybody. (I did this and things got worse hiding away) And ur missing all the wonderful things that come through development and through relationship. And so when a rough time comes in a marriage thats not the oppertunity to run away, No u can say right this is an oppertunity where i can develop the fruit of the Spirit Amen. You want a good marriage or relationship. N u say u want that. Well its gonna cost something. Good marriages dnt just fall of trees. Loveing practicing Loveing. Developing ur Love. By taking advantage of the oppertunities o develop in LOVE. A crisis will really show ur character and the type of Love u really have and not what u say u Have. Its easy to love when there aint no pressure around. And when a crisis comes up turn round n say Right Lord lets do this and when u do u will come out stronger than before.

Lets look at
Joh 15:12 `This is my command, that ye love one another, according as I did love you;
See he says This is my command. So its not our choice. Oh so developing in love is not ur choice. So what im talking about here God didnt say u can decide wether or not u wanna do it. This is a commandment like Thou shalt no Kill. Develop in Love i command u 2. I command u 2 walk in LOVE. Oh my goodness its the greatest commandment. why is it?? To break this commandment of love, its almost a waste of time to keep all the rest of them. In fact ur not really gonna be able to keep all of them if u break this one. Hypocrisy will kick in! And u think u keeping the rest of them. But ur really not. Because with whatever u are doing without keeping this commandment. Its void!! it aint workin. So he says i command u to LOVE. So how we gonna handle that when we see Jesus, "I command u to walk in LOVE."
Then he says
Joh 15:13 greater love than this hath no one, that any one his life may lay down for his friends;
THis is a commanment and u wanna know what he says how to Love one another. Lay ur selfishness down and my time is all yours!!!.

I just wanna say a litlle prayer. I pray this everyday and would like to share it with you
" as of today i am no longer a selfish person! as of today, Im a LOVE person. i rebuke hypocrisy, it has no place in my life. And i will move in great love. Creating God conciousness. Instead of Self conciousness. I am on my way, to the better. And Love is the more excellent way in Jesus name. Amen"

I am really enjoying writing all of this. There is still more to come on selfishness. All the studying and Reading and growing i have done since i became a christian has been about ways to live Practical ways more than the spriritual side. Because i was so disfunctional i had to get my house in order first. Get a good building block upon Jesus's Foundation for me to to build on. So more will be added again tonight or tomoorrow. depending on how long it is lol. God Bless u all.

Defeating My selfishness

When i first came to the Lord i was full of selfishness. It was real defect of mine. And no matter what i personally did. I just couldnt tackle it. I was trying to use God for my own advantage. I expected now i have accepted Him he will do and give me everything i need and want. But after a while i started to realise that He wasnt and i was getting really frustrated and annoyed. Started praying giving God a choice "either u do this for me or ill forget u exist!!" i really couldnt get my head round it when people say "Jesus will give u a life u always dreamed of and He will supply all your needs" well i wasnt getting any of my needs. (well what i thought was me needs.) But in prayer and meditation one day the HS took me too some scripture which taught and changed my complete way of thinking and defeating my selfishness. So i thought i would share it with u all...

In the Book of James which is one of my favourites its really helped me too fit back into the world. Its really pratical for day to day life and how to relate to people. So anyway i was studying and meditating and James 3 and this scripture really hit me.

Jas 3:17 and the wisdom from above, first, indeed, is pure, then peaceable, gentle, easily entreated, full of kindness and good fruits, uncontentious, and unhypocritical: --
Jas 3:18 and the fruit of the righteousness in peace is sown to those making peace.

It talks about How the widom from above FIRST, indeed, IS PURE.then......

So this got me meditateing on whats does it mean by pure. I was asking the HS to show me and it led me too 1 corinthians 12 and 13.

In 1 corinthinans 12 Paul talks about the Gifts of the Spirit and the Super-Natural ability we are given.
Super being God
Natural being Man
It is God putting his Super abiblities upon our man making it super natural.

So in the last verse of chapter 12 it says.

1Co 12:31 and desire earnestly the better gifts; and yet a far excelling way do I shew to you: (YLT)

and in the Amplified it says

1Co 12:31 But earnestly desire and zealously cultivate the greatest and best gifts and graces (the higher gifts and the choicest graces). And yet I will show you a still more excellent way [one that is better by far and the highest of them all--love].

See here at the last verse Paul says U can have all these gifts But he also says there is something greater than these gifts and that is LOVE.It is better and greater, It is pre-emenent Power over all the Gifts he has mentioned. So that leads on to chapter 13 with LOVE in mind.

1Co 13:1 If with the tongues of men and of messengers I speak, and have not love, I have become brass sounding, or a cymbal tinkling;
1Co 13:2 and if I have prophecy, and know all the secrets, and all the knowledge, and if I have all the faith, so as to remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing;
1Co 13:3 and if I give away to feed others all my goods, and if I give up my body that I may be burned, and have not love, I am profited nothing.
1Co 13:4 The love is long-suffering, it is kind, the love doth not envy, the love doth not vaunt itself, is not puffed up,
1Co 13:5 doth not act unseemly, doth not seek its own things, is not provoked, doth not impute evil,
1Co 13:6 rejoiceth not over the unrighteousness, and rejoiceth with the truth;
1Co 13:7 all things it beareth, all it believeth, all it hopeth, all it endureth.
1Co 13:8 The love doth never fail; and whether there be prophecies, they shall become useless; whether tongues, they shall cease; whether knowledge, it shall become useless;
1Co 13:9 for in part we know, and in part we prophecy;
1Co 13:10 and when that which is perfect may come, then that which is in part shall become useless.
1Co 13:11 When I was a babe, as a babe I was speaking, as a babe I was thinking, as a babe I was reasoning, and when I have become a man, I have made useless the things of the babe;
1Co 13:12 for we see now through a mirror obscurely, and then face to face; now I know in part, and then I shall fully know, as also I was known;
1Co 13:13 and now there doth remain faith, hope, love--these three; and the greatest of these is love.

In the King James bible it uses the word charity. Which is to define what kind of Love it is. Its a Love which goes away from yourself. Notice here that nothings working with out Love??

Verse 2 says: 1Co 13:2 and if I have prophecy, and know all the secrets, and all the knowledge, and if I have all the faith, so as to remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing;

He says u can have all these things Prophecy, know all secrets have all Knowlege etc... But with Love its nothing it dont work.

The next verse says 1Co 13:3 and if I give away to feed others all my goods, and if I give up my body that I may be burned, and have not love, I am profited nothing.

You could bestow your Goods to feed the poor and do a bunch of noble things. And u can burn urself out doing noble things. But with out Love what Kind of prophet do you have Nothing.

Notice in verse 8:1Co 13:8 The love doth never fail; and whether there be prophecies, they shall become useless; whether tongues, they shall cease; whether knowledge, it shall become useless;

Love never fails because GOD is Love. God does not have Love HE IS LOVE. And God never Fails and Love never fails. He says if u have prophecy, prophecy with out love will become useless. Wether there be Tounges with out love They will cease, Wether there be knowledge without love it shall become useless.
So all the Gifts of the SPIRIT that Paul talks about in Chapter 12 are all subject to LOVE. That every power that God has made available to mankind Is all subject to LOVE. Every miracle that has been made available to mankind is Subject to LOVE. ALL Faith that God has made available to Mankind is Subject to LOVE. Which lets me know that unless i DEVELOP in the LOVE OF GOD i am limiting the Powers that have been made available to me operate in and around my life.

AMEN i love that bit. As soon as the HS revealed that i was just stunned. But theres MORE loads more....... so carrying on

Paul says something here in verse 11 that really helps to show what real manhood is about.

1Co 13:11 When I was a babe, as a babe I was speaking, as a babe I was thinking, as a babe I was reasoning, and when I have become a man, I have made useless the things of the babe;

He is talking about being a child/babe in love. The whole chapter is about LOVE. He is saying when i was immature in Love or where i was carnal where the thing of LOVE is concerned. When u are immature in love you will be all the things that Love doesnt represent. When u are a child in love u will be envious, will not be kind, u will be puffed up, u will seek ur own, u will be Selfish, u will be offended. When u are a child in Love u will do carnal and fleshy things. A Child where Love is concerned a person who is immature in the Love walk is a person who will be extremely mature in the flesh walk. Or in carnal things. So Paul says when i was a child or when i was fleshy or when i was carnal or when i was immature or what it all comes down to is when i was selfish. Because all of them things are based in selfishness selfish. All sin is Based in selfishness.

See a child is self-centred. A child is by nature self-centred. A child isnt bothered about how tired u are they cry when they want feeding they cry when they need changing they cry when u take something off them. They are Self-centred by nature. So what it all boils down to what Paul is saying is when i was selfish I thought selfish things, I spoke selfish things, But he says when i became a man/mature/developed (a man where LOVE is concerned) he put away childish/selfish things. He talks about manhood in the LOVE of GOD. to develop, because they dont no what to become. A man is not a man just because his voice gets a little deeper. A man is a man because he knows how to develop in the LOVE of GOD. He knows how to forgive, he knows how not to be envious, he knows how not to be jealous, he knows how to retaliate the way God says to retaliate, If anyone knows what manhood is about it has to be CREATOR of the man. And Jesus was absolutely a man because he retaliates LOVES way. And when a man matures in LOVE he has matured in his manhood. So paul says I put all of that away all the carnal fleshy selfish things. And i know become LOVE n i call that a man.

Now learning all this well...... what can i say. If u have read my testimony i didnt know how too live, right from childhood. And in this one chapter it has shown me HOW!!! as u can guess i cried AGAIN!!!!

So then i was led to the book of Galatians.
Gal 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
Gal 5:23 meekness, temperance: against such there is no law;

This reveals to us the components which make up Love. But the fruit of the spirit IS love. Notice it says the fruit and not fruits. If u had an apple for instance, but there are different components that make the apple an apple if u takes those things away u no longer have an apple. There is one Fruit of the spirit and that is love. The rest are the components that make up Love. So the Fruit of the Spirit is LOVE and the Fruit of the Flesh is Selfishness. See selfishness is the direct opposite of Love. O the components of Love are Joy, peace, Long-suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness,Meekness, Temperance. SO they are all the components that make up LOVE. So if u want too measure the level of Love in your life. U can measure the components that make up this fruit of Love.

This really helped me and gave me a starting place to start growing in LOVE. I took it a week on each one in rotating order and slowly i started to grow in the Love of GOD. I have too carry on growing in all these areas. Not just a few or not just the ones i like. ALL for me to be able top grow and walk in the Love of God.

So were not talking about an emotional type of love. I did not know what Love really was. My love was strictly based on selfishness. it was strictly based on what i could see, what i could hear, and the pride of life!! I heard many people say they fell out of Love. Or they have fallen in Love so this really confused me. Because i thought i would have to "Fall" into this Love of God. But then i realised u dont fall into Love or Fall out of it. I had the wrong misconception of it. The HS showed me that in order to get this love its gonna require development. I had to develop all the Components that make up Love. I when i develop in something i Grow in Love. And once i grow in Love i cant fall out of what it took to get into it. Theres a difference between growth and development. Growth doesnt require much effort When we were born we grew up. Didnt take much effort on our part to grow. But development, We all have same amount of muscles on the inside. But u may see one guy with huge biceps and another guy with weedy lil arms. The reason is the guy with big biceps put effort and strain into developing them. See u get married or get into a relationship and here's how u fall in love. u fall in love by what u can see. fall in love by what ur hearing, "She sooooo finee!!". So here we are developing an emotional attatchment. which isnt requiring any Love at all. When u fall in love that kinda way and its just an emotional type of thing and u dont develop in what real love is. As soon as pressure hits the marriage or relationship,ur gonna fall right out of it!! Am i right?? lol Coz emotions change!! But when u develop in love and uve been working on your temperance etc. Uve been working on coming away from selfishness. (which was Hard!!) And when ur relationship hits pressure or just in gneral ur life gets pressure u use that pressure to develop in the Love of God. While ur emotions maybe a little uncomfortable ur love away from selfishness says were gonna get through this because its not about ME!! See the worlds Love is based in selfishness but they call it Love. But as soon as there's a challenge u wanna get up n leave.

I realised that it is not Satan who is defeating me. It is my openess to him thats defeating me!! It is because i fail to develop in real love and maintain selfishness. As long as selfishness is being maintained i am providing the foundation in whch Crisis can continue to exist in my life. As long as selfishness is there Satan has door to come and cause havoc in my life. ( im still not perfect with it lol) So all the components of Love require me moving away from selfishness. So there is no selfishness in Love. And thats the Key in my life. There is no selfishness in Love. it requires DEVELOPMENT!!!!!!

SO if we back up to vers 19-20&21 it decribes what i call the fruit of the flesh (selfishness) All sin is based in selfishness!!! The greatest deception that Satan has ever pulled off is for us too blame him for everything when it was really urself!! (this shocked me- but so true!!)
(Gal 5:19) And manifest also are the works of the flesh, which are: Adultery, whoredom, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

(Gal 5:20) idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, strifes, emulations, wraths, rivalries, dissensions, sects,
(Gal 5:21) envyings, murders, drunkennesses, revellings, and such like, of which I tell you before, as I also said before, that those doing such things the reign of God shall not inherit.
Adultry is the manifestation of selfishness. In fact all these are manifestation of Selfishness!! All of these are selfish acts. Ur only thinking about urself!! Selfish people doing selfish things. Only thinking about ur own gratification. Whichcraft for example is trying to get all the things the bible promises but u go a different avenue too get it. Like u go to the horiscope page tell me im an aquarius etc. I aint no Waterboy. Im a christian!! Or eating a fortune cookie "let me see wat my fortune is" (which are pretty darn close at times) "give me another cookie" lol Nooo no thank u Lord ill stick with Jesus. Amen. see its all based in self hatred, emulation wrath strife (i wanna be mad because i wanna be mad!) all based in SELF!! But at first i didnt know wat any of these words ment and i had to look them up in the dictionary. Thats how unaware of the world i was. So all Satan has got too do is find a way to maintain my selfishness.

NOTHING just happens!! I had too throw that excuse away!! lol ( was a favourite of mine "But it just happened") Nothing is just as it is, just cause it happens too be!! Wow confusing!! "hey sir ra sir ra, wateva will be will be!!" OOooo im musical aswell. lol There is nothing in my life that is not the cause of 1 of 2 of these laws. There are only 2 laws that determine what happens in life. And those two laws
1) The law of sin and death
2) The law of the spirit and life that is in Christ Jesus.

I am subject too one of two of these laws. Either i am operating in all law of life in Christ Jesus or im operating in law of sin and death. And if im operating in the Law of life in Christ Jesus then LOVE is the result of that. And if im operating in the law of sin and death then selfishness is the result of that. Out of LOVE Faith is born. Out of Selfishness, FEAR is born. In other words if i wanna know if selfishness is alive, then if i can identify any fear in my life (which i still have!) So Selfishness is still living somewhere in me! Because there cant be fear without selfishness. And if i wanna know if Love is alive in my life. Then i can identify it by where my faith is. Because Faith work worketh by love.

But the bible says the Law of the the spirit of life has made me FREE the the law of sin and death!! So if i wanna get out of Selfishness and get outta fear and get outta bondage and all the things that come from the Law of sin and death. Then the only way too do it is Turn on the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus. Which will make u free from selfishness, free from fear etc. But against the Law of Love there is no Law that exists that can come against or stop the law of Love!! THATS WHY LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!

Thats enough for now i will continue later on. There is alot more yat too come. I spent a whole year meditating and prayer and asking for wisdom just on this Very subject and alot was revealed too me.


My 21st at LilMissys (Leven Nuthouse! only jokin =P)

Right well either u do or dnt know it was my Birthday on thursday. =S im getting old. I dont do old. Its like this is the first year ive ever been able to live and its like im nearly eligable for my winter fuel allowance!!! But yeah so i didnt really do much through the day same as usual sat on my arse nursing my piles!! But in the freezin cold scottish evening i went round the FAMOUS Lilmissy's for dinner and Lovely Sansmile im sure u know her cooked an awesome chinese!!! (reminds me too get recipes) Well this was a bit different. Well first of all i never been round someones for dinner so and second ive never met anyone off the net. lol So this has all gone pete tong all in wonky order but thats how me nut works so im just gonna carry on. Because ive been typing ages now that i aint deleting it. Anyway yeah so i got to the flat and it was Just Sans and the Wee one Jazmin, aww she was lovely. See i have this fear of kids like since school n the bullying n that. But when i walked in n i saw lil Jazmin and she was sooooooooo Sweet!!! and lovely. But i felt bad cause i beat her on the Wii she might tell u different but I won!!! lol Then LilMissy come home. And i think one of the first things she said is Woooooah your so skinny!!! lol So yeah carrying on errrm Yeah they gave me my One and only Birthday Card I think that was my First card since my 15 Birthday. So ment alot to me. In fact Im looking at it now. Its gonna stay up till Next year (How sad am i!!) lol So then we sit down for dinner which was AWESOME. Thanks Sandie. Then Just chatted and stuff and it opened my eyes to alot of things. But most of All the thing that ment the most to me was the fact i had the privilige to spend my Birthday with an awesome Family!!! You are all smashing and u have a place in my heart. Anyways before i cry ill rap this up! lol. SO many thanks for making my Birthday one i will never forget. Yeah so i didnt quite manage to rap it up before i cry but yeah....... so Missy was hassling me all day to write so im now back off to studying. Chow 4 now.


Dans Testimony Up 2 "the now" (I dnt get why the scots put a the before some words. But each to their own)

Well I was Born in Falkirk but then was quickly moved to welsh land. Where i learnt to tie my shoes and say the alphabet but counting was a big problem. So because i couldnt count my parents obviously thought id fit in better in essex :). Well when we reached Essex wel........ it all went downhill really. (Warning!! this is going to get depressing but picks up later on!) My Dad became a violent drunk and he used to beat me and bully me regularly and the bullying also occurred right through school. My Mum was too scared of my Dad to stop him so things just carried on. So.... u can probably tell i was a very scared little boy i was full of insecurity had no one i could trust. no friends etc etc. Ya no how it goes anyway. All this carried on till i was 16 well 15 it was a month before my 16th Birthday my Dad kicks me out onto the streets. Well then i was screwed because i had never been taught how to live, didnt no how to talk to people because i was scared of them. So there was me walking the streets for nearly 2 years waiting for the council to get me a place I tried to commit suicide Twice but failed miserably First time was when i found 20 Ecsatcy tablets in a bush behind a bush shelter. I had taken them all with in 20 mins. And i then wlked back to where i i had been sleeping for a while and then the Ecstacy hit me and hoo yaaa ive never ever felt anything so Maddd as this. I was swollowing my tongue struggling to keep it up. I was dead against a wall couldnt move paralised My heart was nearly coming out my chest and i was hilusinating like crazy. the next thing i remember is waking up in Hospital. I had been found by someone walking past I was losing it too much too realise what was going on. So then I was back on the streets struggling along then a few months past id had enough again and tried Over dosing on some Tablets id stole from Tesco's. Ended up in Hospital again. Then this time when i left the hospital a few weeks later i finally got a place it was tiny little Bedsit. It was a room about 4x3metres and it was a communial bathroom and kitchen. It smelt rotten but it was a roof over my head and was well chuffed with it. Well now that i had a home i managed to get a Job working in a banana factory (I must say that was one of the best Jobs ive had) I managed to make a few friends while working here for the first time in my life i had FRIENDS!!!! (But to find they were a bad influence) So now i was earning money had a home and friends i thought i was sorted so i started goin out drinking clubbing etc doing What i thought was what normal people did. But it evolved into me doing drugs again and drinking heavily. So ended back on the slippery slope to my personal Hell. And i get to the point where i cant cope AGAIN!! so i try suicide for the third time, and again i failed miserably!! (Ithink someone was trying to tell me something) well while in hospital this time i had my own little room, and this guy walks in says "Hi, i have just come into give u this" and he put a Bible on the Bed then he left. I opened the cover and it had a message. This is a gift for u from God. Well this is the first thing i had been given in a long time. So i cherished it and read it for something to read. Not knowing anything about God i thought it was just a word. And i loved reading the Psalms they were so calming for me. So i left Hospital and returned to work to find there was a new Guy started. His name was Danny. And we became quite close then one day he just said straight up u need JESUS!!! He can take all ur trouble and fears away. He can give u a life u always dreamed of. HE LOVES YOU!!!! and as soon as he said He Loves You. I burst into tears and fell to the florr sobbing. I had never heard that my whole life. And right then that was what i had missing in my Life. So then i gave my life to him. And things started changing all of a sudden, Im moveing Jobs for better money, i was able to get a Flat of my own which was clean and was MINE!!! I finally had my own Home where it was just me. Not cooking with others Not worrying if someone is gonna smash down the toilet door. All mine. And life started to turn out Good. I was going to church regularly and loving it. And i was studying hard. Then a year ago in a dream i could see me stood on the Old Course golf course in St Andrews Scotland and there was no one around. And when i woke up with out thinking i new i had to be there. So i told Danny i was leaving i packed and got the first train. Danny said "when u get there have Faith that God will provide everything and with-in a week i had a flat and i had a Summer Job on the Old Course. And i was like WOW!!! and this boosted my faith levels up. So i get stuck in with work and make friends but to find that they were also a bad influence on me. Back heavy drinking clubbing the usual that i was getting up to a year previous. So i realised this and cut it off. I managed to get another Job on a different Golf course in St Andrews. And i just studyied and worked. And i realised that the reason i am here right now is to grow close to God and He made it so that it was difficult for me to make friends so that i focused on Him. Which i am getting better on still not perfect lol but who is...... only Jesus!! anyways yeah so I had been Praying alot about getting in touch with danny again as he was the only Friend i had who new the real me and i could trust Him. We lost contact when i came up here. Well A few days ago he had a Dream to go onto CCUK and that i would be there. So... he came onto chat and i was there. All i saw was SAUL says: Im From Halstead Essex. And i was like wait a min im from there. Thats where i lived. So i was like where abouts?? im from There. Then i get a Private Message saying "Hey Dan its Danny!" and i was in tears i was shocked i am still lost for words now. And not sure what is happening but i am in contact with him now. and i have made good friends on CCUK. And i am so excited to see what God has planned for me next. He is Just so AWESOME!!!!! Thank You Father for the life u have given me. This was Just a quick run through of my testimony. I will be adding details at later dates of the Different things that Happened and where God and his True and Powerful Word brought me up from the gutters.

Welcome to Dans world.

Welcome to my weird and wonderful Blog of Bare madness. And The Good stuff aswell whatever that maybe.............. Anyhow yeah so Ill just let u have a read and Let u see alittle in to the Mind of Dan. Happy Reading.